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columbus ohio backyard photography

Those kind of neighbors: Columbus, Ohio backyard photography

Harry and I talk all the time about downsizing.  Moving back into a smaller, simpler space – maybe a condo or something.  But every time that conversation rolls…

hoover ymca park wedding

Joy all over their faces: A Hoover YMCA Park wedding

I consider myself pretty lucky to get to learn about love from all the couples that I work with.  I remember at their engagement session, Jodi and Mike…

The universality of kids: A family’s year of photography

I’m gonna be super awkwardly honest with you guys here and say, money makes me uncomfortable.  There are certain spaces that I just don’t see myself in, spaces…

ohio statehouse wedding

“Just so Robin,” A downtown Ohio Statehouse wedding

They got ready at the Renaissance downtown.   And you could look out the window to see their venue, Dock 580, off in the distance. They had their…

year of family photography all over central ohio

From the beginning: A year of family photography all over Central Ohio

When I first started photography, it took me a little while to find myself and to find my people.  People who value what I do, who don’t want…

columbus ohio documentary family photography

Camping with the whole big family: Columbus, Ohio real life photography

There might be two kinds of people in the world: those who love camping, and those who would rather have a nice cushy bed, wifi, and air conditioning….

year of family photography columbus

A tough year full of love: A year of family photography Columbus, Ohio

2016 was a hell of a year for this family.  The cell phone pictures in their album include hospital visits.  There were hard times and sadness and stress….

The love of a mama: Real life baby photography

Moms getting in pictures with their kids.  It’s a thing. Sometimes moms are feeling a little too self-conscious to be in pictures.  Sometimes we’re just always the ones taking…

Remembering baby’s first home: a family photo session before the move

When my oldest was nearly one year old, we packed up and moved out of our very first house and into our current house.  We’ve lived here for…