This is how the night ended.

(Now pretend we’re in one of those movies where we rewind the whole night in a couple of seconds…)

And this is how it began.  It was a good night (check out that bourbon bar).

Kate and Bill invited their closest friends and family over for an intimate backyard wedding. Like a let’s-throw-a-party-and-jump-outside-to-say-vows-real-quick-at-some-point wedding (the best kind, really).  

There was a cheers before the backyard ceremony began (brilliant way to start a ceremony).  And then, instead of having a bridesmaid hold her flowers, they asked their loved ones to hold their drinks while their good friend Denise performed the ceremony!

They said their vows, and they said their secret themed columbus wedding

And then a kiss, and they were married!

Excellent use of the umbrellas that were bought at the last minute in case of rain!

Even though there were strict rules about gifts, a good friend sneaked in a quilt that she had been working on for them for over two years!

Fueled by their amazing bourbon bar and tons of friendship (new and old), the laughter and conversation filled their home.

For this picture, they were like, “What are all the cool kids doing these days?  What are the trends?”  I told them people still take couples pictures where they look away and pretend not to care about each other.  And they were like, “Yeah, album cover.  Let’s do that.”  

Which was immediately followed by how they really feel about each other!

And there was even chest-bumping.  Yes.

These two have such a classy style.  I mean, you saw that bourbon bar.  Their house looks like something out of a modern decorating/lifestyle magazine.   When you walk up to it, the first thing you notice are the Shepard Fairey posters from the women’s march displayed proudly in their front room.  And the bike wedding theme was so fun!  bike themed columbus wedding

And then there was just laughing and carrying on all night long, all in celebration of Kate and Bill and their love!

Sheetcaking even happened (yes, spell-correct, sheetcaking is now a verb – get with the times!).  

And a grand finale!

The more weddings I photograph, the more I realize: this is the way to do it.

Your own way.

With your own unique ideas (in this case, bikes and bourbon and sheetcaking and a change to comfy jeans).

In your backyard or at a park or wherever makes you happy – the simpler, the better.

With the people you love the most.  If you love 250 people the most, that’s cool too.  But a small group of people you really love is such a nice group to share your day with!

And if you want the whole traditional shebang with the flowers and the reception hall and all, go for that!  Just do it your way.  Don’t let yourself be held back by any expectations.  Make it your day, done your way, just like these two did.

Kate and Bill, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day!  Bill, as a fellow photographer, I appreciate how you just trusted me to do my thing.  And Kate, your style is tops!  You two make a great couple, and I think one of the reasons why is because you know and respect one another so much.  You are your own selves, just paired up and enjoying life together, not melting into one.  That is such a good thing!  As Bill said, not a tandem – two separate bikes riding together.

Cheers to you!

I have had the great pleasure of photographing the weddings of some of the other good people pictured here in this post.  Head here and here to check them out!  Planning to do your own wedding your own way, and looking for someone to document it?  I’d love to chat!

Thanks for reading!

Vendor love:

Bar tending: Partyease (Kristen is amazing!)

Flowers: Flourish Bespoke

Backyard: Urban Digs

Catering: Hot Chicken Takeover, Sweet Carrot

Cakes: Laughlin’s, Bake Me Happy

Rings: Kambium on Etsy

Cake Toppers: Studiotomi on Etsy

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