Disclaimer: This post about my sister’s baby was a whole lot gushier when I first wrote it.  Then my husband read over it and reminded me that my sister would not stand for all that gushiness sent in her general direction.  I used comparisons like Wonder Woman, and he was like, “nope.”  He is absolutely right, and so now this gushiness is all toned down.  baby photography columbus ohio This baby’s mama just finished her degree.  Just finished up years of working full time, going to school full time; growing a baby, birthing a baby, and raising a baby through her first year.baby photography columbus ohioWorking full time.

Going to college full time.

Raising a baby.   Of course with the help of her adoring husband.  He was surely a huge contributor to this success story.  But even with a supportive husband and community, that’s a helluva workload.   I don’t know how she did it.  I’m not sure SHE knows how she did it.  But she did it!  Just turned in her last papers last week. The thing is, though,… and this is the heart of everything right here… her baby does not know it.
baby photography columbus ohio I mean, besides the piece of paper that makes a degree official, and the stories we will someday tell her of how her mama was the toughest warrior ever when she was a baby, there is literally zero evidence on this baby’s heart.   Because despite everything going on, all the tasks she was charged with, this mama always put this baby first.  baby photography columbus ohioShe came home from work each day and played with her and cared for her until baby fell asleep, then she got on that computer and started homework that went well into the night.   They are fantastic parents.  baby photography columbus ohioThey’re up on all the latest baby research, and really do their best by her.baby photography columbus ohio They let her try new things and take risks. She is happy and healthy, and SO full of joy!baby photography columbus ohio She loves them very, very much! baby photography columbus ohio baby photography columbus ohio baby photography columbus ohio She is so,baby photography columbus ohio so very loved.
When we did her last session – the standing up/walking session – I came over as she was getting home from the sitter’s.  Mama was finishing up working from home, and baby joined her at the computer for a minute.
baby photography columbus ohio Dad took her outside to get the mail, their daily routine.baby photography columbus ohio And then they went across the street to their town’s Food Truck Friday. We waited….baby photography columbus ohio and we waited… but the food truck never showed up.  Hungry, they began the journey home.  In which she did not want to walk on her own, nor ride in the wagon. But instead preferred to be carried as dad pulled the empty wagon home.  Because she’s a baby.  And babies can do it like that cause they’re awesome.  baby photography columbus ohio They had some food.And then the plan was to dig up the garden to get ready for winter.  But she wasn’t really having it.
baby photography columbus ohio Except for the part about picking rotten tomatoes…And eating them. Well, attempting to eat them.   Back for more.baby photography columbus ohio And then inside to look at all the pictures of people who love her before going to sleep.  baby photography columbus ohioI love this family so much.  I know I say that about all my families, and I mean it!  But since I’ve known this mama for her whole life, there’s something extra meaningful there.  To think of my sister when she was one, and to see her loving on her baby who is now one: that’s the good stuff of life right there.  That’s the stuff that makes life feel like we can keep going despite all the craziness out there.

Sister, I know you don’t need to hear this from me, but I’m crazy proud of you.  YOU are a flipping wonder.  And James, you’re pretty impressive too – we see you there behind the scenes helping to make this whole thing work.  Niece, I love and adore you!  So excited for all your years to come!

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