Isn’t it amazing when people find their thing and do it with all the passion they can muster up?  I LOVE seeing people who have something unique or unusual that they love, and they just go for it.  All the way in.

Even better?  When people find each other and fall in love with that other person’s quirks and passion.

So is the story of Sara and Ryan.  Sara and Ryan… and alpacas.ohio alpaca weddingBecause Sara loves animals and has a degree in zoology.  At home, they have two dogs, three snakes, six tarantulas, and a gecko.
ohio alpaca wedding So it just seemed right that their wedding pictures should have some animals.  Plus, they are self-proclaimed “introvert, only-children” who were worried about being awkward in front of the camera.
ohio alpaca weddingAlpacas took all that worry away!ohio alpaca wedding Alpacas might be one of my new favorite animals.  They are so very curious and just hilarious!  ohio alpaca wedding ohio alpaca wedding And there were BABIES!  GAH!ohio alpaca wedding It was just the right place for these two.  The alpacas took the spotlight away, made them laugh, and just provided this really great shared experience.  ohio alpaca wedding Sara and Ryan got married while camping during the solar eclipse.  Pretty epic!  But it was overshadowed by a certain moon (holy smokes, I think I just made a dad joke).   When they got back, they wanted to celebrate with some pictures and a fun experience just for them!   Alpacas of Spring Acres was truly perfect for this adventure.  Ryan planned the whole thing, and searched far and wide for the best place to do this! Sara also really loves bugs.  She is a jewelry-maker, and added all these little bead work flies to her traditional Hungarian wedding dress.
ohio alpaca wedding She wore her aunt’s Alsatian-style veil, but added her own touch with a beetle pin. And she modified her engagement ring by taking out the stones and putting dabs of fingernail polish in them, so she can change out the colors anytime. Ryan has come to love Sara’s love of insects.  So while she is inside working on jewelry, he goes outside to look for bugs.  They examine and identify them together.   For real you guys.  That’s some true love right there.   Seeing the way they complement one another, the way they just fit together – it’s pretty great.  And they have their own secret handshake.  SO GOOD!
They bring out the best in each other.  And they just know themselves and own it!  It’s so refreshing to see.  ohio alpaca wedding Sara and Ryan, I hope you continue to examine insects together and grow together in all the best ways throughout all the rest of your days.  It has been a true pleasure getting to know you and learning about tarantulas from you!  Congratulations to you both!

And a HUGE thanks to Alpacas of Spring Acres and the fabulous Lindsay for being the best golf cart driver, bug-finder, and host.  You really are a wonderful human, and we appreciate all you did to make this session happen!

Having a wedding with animals involved?  Or just looking for someone to document you and the love of your life just the way you are?  Tell me about it over here!

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Dress: Batik Amarillis

Bee ring: Patrick Irla Jewelry

Vines ring she modified: Jewelry design by Maya Or

Bead work and earrings: Sara

Beetle pins: Alchemy Arthropods

Duo chrome nail polish: Pop Polish

Hair: Hair by Christina

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