Alright, friends.  Bigfoot’s back.  I was asked multiple times at this Via Vecchia wedding if he would be guest contributing again.  I had to promise him a duck dinner, but he’s graciously agreed (with even deeper apologies to Graham Roumieu).  So here we go, Lisa and Rick part 2: the wedding story, through Bigfoot’s eyes…


Champagne tricky.  Bigfoot have at me 127th birthday party, but never open before.  Try pop off top like in movies, but cork just bounce off window and hit bigfoot eyeball.  OUUUUUCH!!!  Lynn, watch out with champagne.  You makeup so nice and good eyeballs too.  Lynn.  Lyyyyynnnnn!!!!  Be careful with – POP!  Oh, you got this Lynn.  via vecchia wedding

Wedding dress

Bigfoot once have to go to friend’s wedding and wear “formal attire.”  What that mean?  Mean itchy tags and uncomfortable.  That what that mean.  Bigfoot rip off clothes and dance naked.  Get kick out.  Hope you dress not itchy, Lisa.  Bigfoot think it pretty.

via vecchia wedding


Lisa.  Rick.  You find love.  It real deal.  Bigfoot happy for you.  Bigfoot dream of find love someday.  Someone to make daisy crown for.  And skip through meadow with.  Someone look deep in Bigfoot eye and say, “Bigfoot, you not alone.”  Someday…via vecchia wedding


Seriously, Rick and Lisa?  You finishing you vows hours before ceremony?  You give new meaning to word procrastination.  Bigfoot impressed.  Me do best work under pressure, too.


When Bigfoot find partner for life, Bigfoot not do first look like this with the hiding.  Work for Lisa and Rick, but Bigfoot probably bite off true love hand.  Instinct, me guess.  Terrible way to start wedding.  But look at you.  Nice start to wedding.  Surprise!  So happy see each other!  


Look at you with you kids, Rick.  Lookin good.  You good dad. 


I feel you pain, girl.  I feel you pain.  Bigfoot friend to lots small, furry woodland creatures.  They little.  No take good picture with Bigfoot – only Bigfoot big toe in picture.


These two plot to take over world.  Bigfoot feel it.  Hope it too.  Better than crazy one in charge now.  via vecchia wedding via vecchia wedding via vecchia wedding

Via Vecchia

Via Vecchia very beautiful venue.  Lisa and Rick have games on every table.  So much playing and fun!  Bigfoot hate to lose.  Just eat opposition if they win.  Never get to play games, though.  Friends not down with that.
via vecchia wedding


Finally!  It wedding time!  Lynn do good job.  Good thing she not poke out eye with champagne cork in beginning.  Lisa and Rick finish write vows just in time to say them.  Good job, Lisa and Rick.  Good vows.  Something about “love.”  Bigfoot so emotional, get something in me eye.  Not tear.  Definitely not tear. via vecchia wedding


Some people call them “twinkle lights.”  Bigfoot call them “lights of doom and destruction.”  So tangle-y when Bigfoot wave hands in air like just don’t care.  But nice for Lisa and Rick.  They have moment.  With drinks.  And kissing.  And laughing.  That where it at, me think.
via vecchia wedding via vecchia wedding via vecchia wedding via vecchia wedding


Woah, Rick.  You put Bigfoot to shame.  That lot of food.  

Finally eating

Lisa too busy have fun to ever eat dinner.  (Or maybe dinner all eaten by Rick?  See previous picture).  Tatoheads to rescue!  Food truck full of fries.  Dream come true.  Rick feed Lisa some fries.  This first true test of they marriage.  They pass!via vecchia wedding

End of night

Bigfoot know me should write something romantic here, but all me can think about is smashing all those wine barrels.  Ok, focus.  Lisa and Rick look cute.  Happy, love.  (But picture way better with wine flying through air in me humble opinion)via vecchia wedding

Lisa!  Rick!  You so awesome.  Give Bigfoot #relationshipgoals.  Hope you have long, good life together of hide and scare, procrastinate, kisses, games, twinkle lights, fries, fun, and surround by all the love and the people.

Love, Bigfoot

To Rick (who didn’t really eat all that food and barely got a bite in) and Lisa (who provided love and counseling to her vendors throughout the evening) – I LOVE YOU!  I hope you had such a blast on your day!  You are really good people, and you can just tell right away why so many are drawn to your souls and your laughter.  Wishing you many, many years of love and laughter.

Love, Sarah

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Rings – Diamond Cellar

Dress – Gail Kelley

Hair – Christine Chamness at Vinyl Hair Studio

Makeup – Joy Macke at State of Face

Flowers – Mary Hubert

Suit – Jos A Bank

Officiant – Her Holiness Lynn Rutledge (you can see her wedding day from five years ago here!)

Venue – Via Vecchia

Catering – Milo’s

Cupcakes – Catherine Gallagher and Bake Me Happy

DJ – DJ Dayna

Food truck – Tatoheads

Charities they asked their guests to give to in leiu of gifts: Godman Guild, Brain Injury Association of America, Rescued Ohio, Free to Smile, I Have a Dream Rescue

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