I consider myself pretty lucky to get to learn about love from all the couples that I work with.  I remember at their engagement session, Jodi and Mike were talking about how at this time in life – as their kids are graduating and heading out into the world – parents are usually trying to figure out how the new dynamic works.  Sometimes they’re sad or struggling to redefine themselves without their kids.  But Jodi and Mike said they’re having some of the happiest times of their lives together as their kids graduate and move on: all because they found each other!  You could see their joy all over their faces on their wedding day.

The rain began about an hour before the ceremony.  Everyone jumped under the gazebo, and pulled in the sound equipment as the rainfall swept across the field toward them.  hoover ymca park wedding But everything cleared up just in time for the ceremony to begin!

She was so, so excited to walk down the aisle in her gorgeous vintage Dior dress!  

And he was incredibly happy to see her (for the first time that day!). hoover ymca park wedding Their vows were sweet and heartfelt.   hoover ymca park wedding

And they were so incredibly happy, they couldn’t even make it the whole way down the aisle before kissing again…  hoover ymca park wedding

and again,…

and again!  

These two are madly in love! hoover ymca park wedding

Their uniting in marriage brings all these boys together, too.  They have SEVEN combined!  I was amazed to see how well they all got along, how kind and polite they were, and how FUN they were together!  Seriously awesome guys that helped make the day go smoothly and enjoyably.

They had Power Ranger poses…

…and prom poses, with two of the brothers hamming it up.

They laughed together lots, and were just so helpful and kind.  

Finished with all the posed pictures, Jodi and Mike took a moment to themselves to dance in the field before heading in to greet their guests at the reception.hoover ymca park wedding

Mike once made a promise to never miss an opportunity to dance with his love, and I think just that alone will keep them madly in love for a very long time!  Those deep gazes and joyful, satisfied smiles – they light each other up.columbus ohio wedding

They were SO excited to get the party started, they could hardly wait to get in to the reception, which they described as “BBQ, Booze, and Bad Dance Moves.”  I love it!hoover ymca park wedding hoover ymca park wedding Jodi had a special dance with all her boys that ended with a big group hug.  She told me later that her boys were so sweet and kept asking, “Are you happy, mom?”  to which she of course always replied, “YES!”

And then it was just non-stop dancing all night long!  So much fun! hoover ymca park wedding

Jodi and Mike – it is a true joy to see your love.  Also, I’m coming to you for lessons on how to raise kind teenagers.  Your boys are pretty spectacular.  And I adore you both!  Jodi, I know it couldn’t have been easy to find and trust a photographer when you are one yourself.  I truly appreciate your trust in me and how kind you’ve been throughout the whole process.  Your wedding day was beautiful, and I hope these pictures will always bring you right back there!

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Flowers: Hilliard Floral Design
Dress: vintage Dior
Hair: Jamie Strawser
Makeup: Makeup by Kelley
Shoes: Aldo
Rings: Diamond Cellar custom design
Suit: Men’s Wearhouse
Officiants: Andy and Marni Hall
Venue: Hoover YMCA
Catering: City Barbeque
Cake: Stacey Budinski

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