There might be two kinds of people in the world: those who love camping, and those who would rather have a nice cushy bed, wifi, and air conditioning.  Or maybe a third category, to which my husband belonged to for a while: those whose loved ones make them go camping whether they like it or not (now he actually really likes camping, but one of his favorite stories to tell is how I nearly killed us both camping in the Grand Canyon).
columbus ohio real life photography For those who enjoy camping, there’s just something about being together outside that changes things.  No tv’s, no video games, spotty-at-best internet access.  No rush at all. And when you get to go with your whole big family – cousins, aunts, grandparents – there’s just something super special about that.   I think maybe it has to do with the way time just slows down for a little bit.  There’s time for pen and paper… Time to reconnect… columbus ohio real life photography Time to take some boy scout notes… Time to DANCE!  Grandma asked for a picture of all the grandkids together.  Cooperation was difficult to achieve, so we just danced and played instead (and of course I love this!). columbus ohio real life photography hocking hills camping There’s time to be together with all your loved ones, and time to go off and explore a bit on your own.  columbus ohio real life photography Just like with any big event, there can be meltdowns (we’ve all been there, darlin).   But there’s the time to talk it through… And then get right back to happy. Everything gets dirty, but you don’t really care.  Because that’s part of it. hocking hills camping There’s hide and seek with cousins, and all kinds of exploring to do.hocking hills camping columbus ohio documentary family photography columbus ohio real life photography One of the cousins organized a scavenger hunt, and both teams set out to check off that list.   When they met back up to compare loot, there was some argument about what could pass for pine resin and clover. But in the end, the opposing teams hugged and congratulated one another.columbus ohio documentary family photography They worked hard to make this fire starter from scratch and light it.   columbus ohio real life photography The next morning, everyone slowly trickled out of their tents, sleepy-eyed and ready for another fun day.columbus ohio documentary family photography hocking hills camping Shared experiences nearly always bring us closer together.  I feel certain that after this weekend together, everyone felt a little closer.
hocking hills camping columbus ohio documentary family photography And we got that picture of all the grand babies (and their moms) for grandma.The first time I saw all of these families in one place (minus some of the newer additions) was also camping – for Theresa and Jess’s wedding a few years back.  I just went back and looked at that post, and GOODNESS!  I love that wedding. Just like with this post, I couldn’t narrow down the pictures enough.  Because they all tell such a story.   It is so fun to look back and see how these kids have grown – you’ll spot a few of them in that post!  Love you all so much.  Seriously.  Thank you so much for letting me share in your camping adventures!

I would love more sessions like this.  Bring me camping with you!  Or climbing!  Or ice cream tasting!  Tell me all about what your family loves to do right here!

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