Moms getting in pictures with their kids.  It’s a thing.

Sometimes moms are feeling a little too self-conscious to be in pictures.  Sometimes we’re just always the ones taking the pictures.  There’s a million reasons why most of us just don’t have many pictures with our moms, or with our own kids.  It’s not easy.

When I got this email from a new client, I knew she’d dig documentary/real life baby photography:

“I am a single, working mom. The only photos I have of A and I are selfies or snapshots of us posed. I want candid photos that capture us together in real life, which is why I’m so drawn to your work. Like all the little interactions when he’s pulling himself up on my legs, reaching for my nose with his chubby fingers, you know – those special little moments we’ll want to remember forever.”

Yes, mama.  I know exactly what you mean.  I love those little things, too!

real life baby photography real life baby photography Columbus Ohio

The funny thing was, it was actually surprisingly hard to get those candid, documentary shots with this little man!  He was so curious and interested in the camera.  He would look at me and smile so much.  We laughed that he is a little baby model – the Gerber baby.

real life baby photography

Mom showed me his newborn pictures, which were gorgeous!  She told me about how it was a big affair – getting the baby to sleep deeply and getting things set up (how I used to work before going documentary as well!).  And how this time around, she just wanted some real life.

real life baby photography

So we did exactly that (also because that’s my favorite!).  Some were of his beautiful face smiling right at the camera (because that’s part of his story, too – his sparkling personality!), but we got lots more.

The way he rests his foot on her knee at his highchair…

real life baby photography Columbus Ohio

The way he clings to her when she helps him out of his high chair…

real life baby photography Columbus Ohio

The dog licking his hand…

real life baby photography Columbus Ohio

This sweet snuggle…

real life baby photography Columbus Ohio

The way he looks to her for comfort when he’s unsure…

And the way they laugh together!

Love that this mama wanted to go beyond the selfie.  She wasn’t interested in posed perfection, but rather a real story of her life with her wonderful baby.  It feels like we were meant to work together, and I am so, so happy to know them!

real life baby photography Columbus Ohio

There’s so much love here.  A beautiful story of mama and son.  He is completely smitten with her, and she loves him to the ends of the earth.

real life baby photography Columbus Ohio

I sincerely hope they’ll treasure these pictures always.  I hope someday when this little man is all grown up, he’ll look back at these and remember how incredibly much his mama loves him.

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