OhEmG.  I think I’ve written out or said OMG maybe a handful of times in my life.  It’s not my thing.  But I will shout OhEmG for Emily and Greg from the rooftops!
I really wanted this post to be extra awesome because these two are extra wonderful!

So I looked into using some quotes from The Muppet Christmas Carol (their discovery of this shared love was a defining moment in their relationship).  But “Never eat singing food” was the closest I could get to something usable in this post.  And, you know, that’s pretty sound advice, really.
Next, I tried calling The Improvised Shakespeare Company (which I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying with them when I came to Chicago for their engagement pictures and when I came back to show them their wedding pictures).  I was hoping to purchase a video of one of their shows and use some quotes from that to tell about their day.
But it turns out that every show is a one-time deal.  Unique and ephemeral in all the world.  You experience it that one time, then never again.  No recordings.And then I thought – hey, that’s kind of like a wedding!  A special, unique, one-time thing that can never be relived through documentatio—wait a minute.  As a photographer, I feel it would be wildly inappropriate to suggest not documenting their day.  That won’t work either.   Because their day was magic and worth documenting every single moment!  I don’t need to find special quotes or words at all – their pictures tell the beautiful story! The moment they first saw each other that day (I love how they held hands with their eyes closed and then opened them at the same time)…
Their laughing at the gazillion frogs that were hopping in the water as we were trying to round everyone up for pictures… Springfield Ohio wedding Their gorgeous and kind wedding party, and these three awesome kids…Springfield Ohio wedding Springfield Ohio wedding So much beauty – little moments and big ones – to document here.   Somehow, seeing this kind of love – how happy she and her mom are walking down the aisle, the way he looks at her as she joins him at the altar – these things remind us that everything is going to be ok.   Springfield Ohio weddingEven if one feels like things are falling apart and the world seems to be unraveling at the seams, love like this gives hope.
Emily’s grandpa made some sparkling wine for her mom’s wedding, and her grandma wanted the family to toast with it at the reception.  Emily wrote: “Now. It literally could be vinegar. Or it could be good. IT’S A MYSTERY!!!” Turned out it didn’t taste like much, but they had a wonderful laugh about it! We went out for pictures at sunset.  And they were just wonderfully themselves.  Laughing, dancing, getting close for a kiss.  Again, that kind of love that gives you hope.   Springfield Ohio wedding Springfield Ohio wedding And then the dancing began! “Baby you’re a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiirework!” Springfield Ohio weddingOhEmG, you two.  All that love.  May you hold it between you dearly and always.  I can tell that you care for and infuse love into the lives of everyone around you.  Thank you for giving us all hope!

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Vendor love:

Videography: Light Parade Films
Hair & Makeup: Charles Penzone Salons
Dress: Designer: Christina Wu, purchased at Wendy’s Bridal, Dublin, OH
Shoes: Toms (Bride), Florsheim (groom)
Earrings: Giani Bernini, Macy’s
Headpiece: Bel Aire, Wendy’s Bridal
Cuff links: Etsy Store Teals Prairie & Co.
Flowers: Holding & Co
Officiant: Kevin Horrigan
Venue and catering:  Simon Kenton Inn, Springfield, OH
DJ: Absolute DJs, Springfield, OH
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