Telling your stories is my favorite.  I really love blogging because it’s all about that – telling stories with pictures and words.  The hardest part for me is narrowing down the pictures.  I give myself limits.  I say things like, “for family sessions, I will only show 15 pictures.”  BAH!  I never stick to my limits.
But this time was different.  I had a plan.   I decided I’d narrow down this sweet family’s pictures by making sure Ellen had a different facial expression in every single one.  One of my favorite things about this age is all the awesome faces they make, and Ellen’s were exceptional. baby photography at COSI “Choose only 15 pictures.”  I told myself.

“It’ll be easy,” I told myself.

“You’ve got parameters in place this time,” I told myself.
baby photography at COSI I was wrong.  Ellen makes a whole lot of awesome faces.  I’ve got way more than 15 here (and even these are narrowed down).  baby photography at COSI I had the pleasure of photographing her parents’ wedding, and they’re just the kind of brilliant, fun, and creative people that you KNOW will be fantastic parents.  I could not wait to share some time with this little one!
We went to COSI to explore.  Ellen is quite the explorer! They told me her daycare teachers call putting things in the mouth “exploring,” and mark that “Ellen explored ____ and _____today” on her papers.  This cracks me up!  It IS exploring at this age.  And she’s good at it (don’t worry – we stopped her from putting most of those in her mouth).
baby photography at COSI But these expressions!!!  baby photography at COSI I mean, COSI brings out the scientist in all of us.  And all of this playing with mirrors and water and weird blue blocks… it’s all exploration.  baby photography at COSI baby photography at COSI baby photography at COSI And this little explorer is so lucky to have two parents who are so excited to experience this world with her!   I am super, crazy grateful to have had some time with these three on their trip down here from Michigan.  I adore you all!   Ellen, you keep on exploring those expressions and this whole big world around you!  You give me hope for the future, because I know your mom and dad will raise you to be open and kind, and to fearlessly explore the world.  Want more awesome expressions?  Head to this baby’s first year experience!

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