I always say that I love how newborns just plop into our lives and change everything.     I love getting to document that, and I especially love it when they’re first time parents.   That extra layer of awe is so very wonderful!!! And then there’s just the newness of it all: the super careful transfer of baby from one parent to another, the extra trips to the doctor when he has a tiny cough, the questioning, the wonder.  Because all of a sudden, you’re in charge of this precious little human being.   Every sound and movement he makes, makes you sigh a little and let out the inescapable “Aw!” baby photography columbus You keep getting up at night, even when you’re bone-tired and weary, because that baby needs you.  You feed him and you burp him and you change those diapers.  And even though sometimes it’s exhausting work, every single second is worth it.  You feel lucky.  baby photography columbus Sometimes there’s some funny noises that you’re not too sure about (I LOVE this next picture!)… baby photography columbus Those snuggles are pretty incredible.
baby photography columbus And those faces!!!baby photography columbus baby photography columbus And then all of a sudden, you’re getting the hang of it, right?  Baby’s sitting up all on his own, starting to eat, and develop a little personality.  You’re still in awe. baby photography columbus You get rewarded with great big smiles now! baby photography columbus You get to watch him experience all these things for the first time.  There’s nothing quite like it.   baby photography columbus And he loves you.  He knows you and he loves you.   And then, everything changes when he’s mobile!  Up from crawling or scooting and ready to take on the world with walking!   baby photography columbus baby photography columbus He might get a little shy sometimes, but he feels safe with you. And no one can make him laugh quite like you do!baby photography columbus You know his favorite hiding games and tickle games  – heck, you invented those games! You’re there for the walks to the park, the calls to the wild. baby photography columbus And you’re there to tell him “no mouth buddy!” or just let him go ahead and taste that leaf.   You carry him through the rain, and keep him warm and safe.  

And at the end of the day, he sleeps, and your work is done for the day.  But there are so many more years to come, and they just keep getting better.

Loved watching this family become parents for the first time!  They are pros and their little man is full of life and joy.  If you would like me to document your baby’s first year (and your first year as parents!), I’d love to hear from you!

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