New rule: all engagement sessions must include a sleepover.

Ok, fine, not for real.  I’m not going to make all of you put me up for the night.  But goodness, was this one fun!!!  I got to go to one of my favorite cities, Chicago, to spend some time getting to know two new friends whose wedding I’ll be photographing this spring.

And by staying overnight, I got to learn so much more about them.  I mean, how else would I ever have known that their cat Sophie speaks in a French accent and is slightly annoyed by the peasants who care for her?  I strongly considered writing this whole post in her voice, but realized that was an incredible disservice to Sophie.  I could never do her justice.  She is so very refined.

pinball engagement sessionI got to see how they play games together.  pinball engagement sessionThey have this really great thing going where they are fiercely competitive and yet completely on each others’ side.  They sneer with a bit of pride when they make a good move, commiserate when things don’t go the other person’s way, and celebrate when things do go well.  I love this!pinball engagement session pinball engagement session This print of the Chicago skyline behind them has a great story.  Ohio-grown Emily bought it as a souvenir during a trip back in high school.  And now they live here!  They really love this city, and we talked a lot about how awesome it is to live in such a marvelous place during this part of their lives.  Since their wedding will be in Ohio, it was so good to be able to do their engagement session here in Chicago.pinball engagement session Then we headed to their favorite pinball joint.  Sadly, this place closed just a couple weeks later, so they were super glad to have taken pictures here.pinball engagement session pinball engagement session That whole competitive/supportive spirit  (comportive?  suppetitive? – I like making new words) was alive and well here, too.  And it was so fun to watch!

“I’ve got this one.  You’re done for!”

“Aw, such a bummer.  You almost had it!”

“You’re going down with that score.”

“Nice work!”

“Watch and learn.”

“Woah!  Great move!”
pinball engagement session pinball engagement pictures pinball engagement pictures pinball engagement pictures pinball engagement pictures And then we got to drive right along that gorgeous skyline to get some pictures with their beloved Chicago as the sun was setting.pinball engagement pictures Loved seeing them just be together!  They make each other laugh, they dance and do theatrics, they keep each other safe and warm.  I just love seeing their love (and I love seeing them in their sunglasses from me)!Chicago engagement picturespinball engagement picturespinball engagement pictures Chicago engagement pictures Chicago engagement pictures Chicago engagement picturesAnd then after this, I got to hang out with them even more!  We had dinner together and a night out at the most amazing improv I’ve ever seen: The Improvised Shakespeare Company.  Holy smokes, so funny!  And those guys are RIDICULOUSLY talented!!!

Em & G, I LOVED every single minute with you!  Truly!  It was such a great weekend, and I’m so grateful you invited me into your home with such open arms and treated me so kindly all weekend.  Thank you so, so much.

Sophie, Mon Cher,  zeez pictures – zey are missing a leettle je ne sais quoi…  Ah, yes darling, they are missing YOU!  My sincere apologies that zeez peasants do not bring you to all zee places.  They know not what a disgrace they are doing.


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