“Life needs every moment” is written on the first page of their engagement album.  We’ve talked about this quote a few times as I’ve gotten to know this couple through our meetings and their engagement session: how every moment doesn’t have to be perfect or happy….goodale north market engagementHow we need the in-between, the sad, the silly, the embarrassing, the angry, the boring, the crazy.  We need them all to make up a life well-lived.   goodale north market engagement And we need them all in order to realize and recognize the happy.
goodale north market engagement As we strolled through the North Market for their session, gathering supplies to cook back at home later, there were many moments indeed.  Dave has a unique sense of humor that makes Donna retaliate with a “Stop.” or a “Come on.”  Sometimes deadpan, sometimes with a big laugh on the side; always loving and accepting.goodale north market engagement goodale north market engagementThis is the spot right about where they got engaged a while back.  Dave makes the best faces.  They picked this next one for their cover, and it cracks me up!goodale north market engagement goodale north market engagement goodale north market engagement Goodness, I love how they make each other laugh!  At one point in the evening, Dave said something along the lines of: “I feel like we didn’t give you much.  Like we didn’t do much.”  Um, yes you did!  In like five minutes, you showed your silly side, your fun side, your romantic side.  It’s all here!  Life needs every moment!goodale north market engagement Every time we meet, our conversation shifts to politics or social change.  They always start off asking about me – about how my kids are doing with what’s happening in the world today, how I am doing with everything.  And I find that remarkable and so caring, as it feels like I should be the one worrying about them.  They have both experienced racism personally, and Donna works as an ELL (English Language Learner) teacher with kids who are refugees or immigrants.  They have shared their experiences with me in the kindest way.   goodale north market engagement After gathering ingredients and taking a stroll through the park, we headed back to their place for some cooking!  They laughed about how when they cook together, it’s a given that they’ll argue a little too.  “This is an inch.”  “No, THIS is an inch!”goodale north market engagement But they laugh together too!goodale north market engagement goodale north market engagement goodale north market engagement goodale north market engagement They topped off the evening snuggled up on the couch watching a show.  goodale north market engagementI just adore these two and all the time I’ve shared with them!  Honored to document all the happy and in-between moments of their wedding day soon.  Life needs every moment!!!

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