Are all your best memories trapped in your phone, screaming to see the light of day, begging to be shared in a more lasting way?  Do you worry that your kids will someday need a facebook account to see pictures from their childhood?

Do you love the idea of having all those memories tucked in the pages of a yearly album that you can look through together and remember how Charlie lost his front teeth that year or how Eloise did that funny crawling thing with one leg in the air?

LET’S DO IT!  Let me take that off your plate.

Life is fast. Here’s to getting those memories off your phone and magically turning them into something tangible that you can look through and remember together!

The goodness that’s included in Year in the Life Photography Sessions:

*Four seasonal sessions – think sledding and a snowball fight in winter, blowing bubbles and picking flowers in spring, running through the sprinkler in summer, jumping in the leaves and sitting by a fire in fall. Whatever your family’s traditions are, we’ll do it!

*One day-in-the-life session – this is a little snippet of your life. Maybe on Sunday mornings, you jump on the bed, make pancakes and then head to the farmers market. Maybe every now and then on a Saturday you don jerseys and throw the football around. Maybe it’s Taco Tuesday or family game night or just going for a neighborhood walk. All of these little traditions in our everyday hold some beautiful meaning. Check out this video for an example.

*Two digital images from each session with printing rights.

*I know I can’t be there for all of your memories, so we’ll include in your album up to 100 images of your own from your year (I’ll even do my best to edit them a bit for light, contrast, and color!).

*We can also include pictures of your family’s artwork! Sketches of yours, the baby’s handprint, a drawing of your family created by your oldest.

*Dinner and drinks at my place when your year is through! We’ll work together to choose the images and come up with the words for your album.

*A whole year of your life – in artwork, everyday pictures, professional documentary pictures, and words – all bound together in a really awesome, treasured album that will make you laugh and cry (the good kind) and remember!  Check out this video to see how one family did their Year in the Life!

I had SO MUCH FUN with this year’s families! It was so great to watch these families grow, and I am crazy excited to put all of those memories into an album for them to treasure forever!

Please let me know what questions I can answer for you! I’d love to chat more.

Here are those videos again if you’re a visual person like me and would like to see what it all looks like:

Day in the Life video

Year in the Life video

“As a family that is not great about taking pictures this has been amazing for us. It’s not that we don’t want to take pictures, I think we just get so caught up in the moment of things that we forget about it AND that is what makes the Year in the Life so special…it isn’t a session, it’s our life (if that makes sense). You help us document the normal stuff that we keep missing. Don’t get me wrong, special occasions are great for photos and thank goodness you were there for our wedding BUT having a beautiful photo of just us being a normal family doing our normal stuff is so very special. You’ve captured the TRUE us.”
Beth Robbins, Year in the Life 2016

If you’re in or if I can answer any questions for your, shoot me an email right here!

Year in the Life is for you if:

Your memories are all trapped in your phone, on memory cards, and in your computer; and you’re just not sure what you’ll pass on to your kiddo someday.

You think to yourself often, “I’m going to get these pictures into an album soon!” as each year rolls by with no album or organization (I hear you – I need to get mine done too!).

You love documentary-style photography – not just posed, smiling-at-the-camera shots, but a little more real life.

The thought of a photo session feels overwhelming. Spreading it out into five sessions, and making them so laid back can help so much with this!  

You feel like time is passing quickly in your lives right now, and you want to document it!

Once you’re signed on, I’ll bring by a little something to help get those ideas flowing, and we’ll get your first session of 2017 scheduled.  Year in the Life photography sessions are my favorite!

Send me an email at so I can help you decide if this is for you and your family!

Wahoo! I’m so excited! Hope you are, too!

Thanks so much,

Year in the life

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