So, picture this: you’re about to have your second baby.  Your first baby is about to change his title to “big brother.”  newborn photography And in order for all this to happen safely, you have to move to another country, just for a little while, a few months before the baby is born.  newborn photographyAnd not only is there a transition to another country, but the transition is back to the house you grew up in.  Back home with your parents.  newborn photography And then, after the baby’s born, it’s time to head back home after a couple of months.
newborn photography  That’s A LOT of transition.newborn photography A lot of change in a few short months.   newborn photography newborn photography newborn photography And you know what?  This family did it, and they did it beautifully.  They had to temporarily relocate back home to Wadsworth, Ohio with Lisa’s family from where they’ve lived for a few years in Guatemala.  They did this all a few months before having their baby, and then moved back home a few months after he was born.  newborn photographynewborn photographyIt wasn’t easy, I know that for certain. newborn photography But they had lots of help and lots of love.  What a special thing for these little men to get some time with their family back in the States.  What a special thing for their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins to get to share in this little smidgen of their growing up.newborn photography Such big transitions aren’t easy – that’s for sure.  They take time and patience.  But a transition implies change, and what a beautiful set of changes this family has been through in the past months.  newborn photography So many emotions come with all that change.  newborn photography And so, so much love, too.  newborn photographyIf you’d like to have a tiny peek of what this family’s life is like in Guatemala, you can check out a day in their life before little brother was born here.  Or you can head all the way back to their beautiful wedding in Guatemala here!

Love you big, Tuckerrosos!!!  It was amazing to get some time with you wonderful people while you were here in the States.  Wishing you lots of grace and happiness as you make the transition to back home!

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