It is rare that I get to do destination family photography, but I love it when I get the chance!  Meet the Tuckerrosos.  If you’ve followed for a while, you might remember their wedding or how we dedicated one of our Seasons of Giving to them.  destination family photographyThey live in Guatemala.  Lisa works doing occupational therapy with kids living with their families and those living in children’s homes.  And Rolando works with the children’s homes as well – his focus lately is on kids who are about to leave the homes and head out into the world.  destination family photographyThey have a super fun son who is just a perfect mix of both of them – their faces, their hearts, their cultures.  When I came to see them in Guatemala, we went for a boat ride across the lake, and to a lovely restaurant/hotel for lunch.  I got to stay the night and see what the next morning was like, too.destination family photography It is so fun to watch them all together.  destination family photography Little man speaks and understands both Spanish and English.  destination family photographyHe definitely laughs in both languages!   destination family photographyAnd you know, it’s funny.  I had thought this post would be all about the melding of these two cultures – how their son is influenced by both in different ways.  How his life is in Guatemala and he understands so much of his home culture, but how Lisa sprinkles in some ‘Merica sometimes.  destination family photographyBut the more I thought about it, the more I realized this happens with every two-parent family.  It is a blending of cultures whether you’re from different countries or the same.  destination family photography Of course every child is born into this world with their own disposition and personality.  destination family photography But we also are all influenced by our experiences and all the people in our lives.  destination family photography Think about it for a minute.  Think of all the people who have ever been a part of your life.  The good, the bad.  The family and friends.  Even those you’ve lost touch with.destination family photography They all have at least a tiny little impact on your soul, and they all help you become who you are.  destination family photography Maybe that’s one of the reasons it’s so fun to watch kids grow up – we get to see what they are going to do with those people and experiences in their lives.  Which parts they’ll learn from, which parts they’ll be inspired by, which parts they’ll be drawn to.  It’s pretty amazing if you think about it.  destination family photography This little man is growing up surrounded by a ton of love – love that’s close and love that’s physically far away.  destination family photography destination family photographyAnd all that love and all those people and experiences are already swirling around inside and shaping his soul in a magical way that only he knows.  A way that is mixing with his personality and his thoughts to make him who he is and who he will someday be.   destination family photography destination family photography Isn’t that magnificent?
destination family photography destination family photography

Tuckerrosos, I love you.  All of you (tomorrow I’m going to post about the fourth Tuckerroso  – Lisa was pregnant at this session!).  Thank you for your kindness in hosting me and for letting me see a bit of your beautiful life in Guatemala!

If you are someone or know someone – near or far – who would like to have memories documented like this, I’d love to chat!

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