Toddler photography is an extra workout – there’s chasing and playing and lots of squats, and I love every single second of it – especially with this one!

Oh, the toddler toddle.  There’s just nothing else like it.  toddler photography columbus ohioI mean, that balance…  that whole-body experience that walking is.  What an accomplishment it is to be able to go from crawling on all fours to WALKING!
toddler photography columbus ohioCan you imagine how exciting that must be for the littles?
toddler photography columbus ohioSuddenly, there’s a whole new world of what they can do, what they can reach, what they can get into (sorry parents!).  A whole new perspective.
toddler photography columbus ohio Of course, they still need help and comfort.
toddler photography columbus ohio toddler photography columbus ohio But that feeling of independence must be just awesome.  toddler photography columbus ohio So many big things this girl can do!  So big!  I mean, she’s practically adulting.  She’s got her reading glasses…toddler photography columbus ohio Her books and studies…toddler photography columbus ohio Her concentrating, furrowed brow…toddler photography columbus ohio Even her getaway vehicle.toddler photography columbus ohio She makes sure to exercise daily…toddler photography columbus ohioAnd take care of her dogs.toddler photography columbus ohiotoddler photography columbus ohio She pours over magazines and rips out the best articles for later reference….toddler photography columbus ohioAnd she toddles.  Goodness, can this girl toddle!toddler photography columbus ohioAlways with a giant smile and the love of her mama and daddy.
toddler photography columbus ohio

Little one, I LOVED meeting you!  I loved photographing mom and dad’s wedding a few years back, and it is just heart-bursting to see all three of you so happy together as a family!  I hope you keep that smile, all those silly faces, and that wonderful independence.  So much love to all three of you!

These kids grow up fast!  If you’d like to document your toddler’s toddle, I’d love to chat with you about it!

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