Julie won our Giving Giveaway for a free documentary home photography session.

Julie is amazing.

documentary home photography columbusJulie is going to hate this, because she tries mightily to shine the light on others and not on herself. But Julie doesn’t get a choice because I’m writing this post.

And I plan to shine all the light right on her (although she won’t let me tell her full story, and that’s ok).documentary home photography columbusHer children are now grown, but she takes care of two of her grandchildren, and will be officially adopting them next month.

Goodness, Julie.documentary home photography columbus documentary home photography columbusdocumentary home photography columbusCan you imagine a more deserving winner for our Giving Giveaway? In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, it went like this: People nominated someone else for a free session, then the nominee had to respond with what they would do for their session.documentary home photography columbusdocumentary home photography columbus documentary home photography columbus documentary home photography columbus documentary home photography columbusFor this one, my amazing client-turned-friend Theresa nominated Julie, “who is selflessly raising her young granddaughters. And boy do they keep her on her toes!”documentary home photography columbusAnd Julie responded with: “I would love a photo of us laughing. I have lung cancer and want my 3 & 4 year olds to have a photo showing how happy we really were when they grow up.”documentary home photography columbusPhoto of laughing: DONE.

It was easy. So much laughing here. And so much loving. I love how she gets down on their level.documentary home photography columbusLove how she holds them when they are sad.documentary home photography columbusAnd how she plays with them.documentary home photography columbusShe invited her son’s family and some friends of hers as well for a fun morning at home – comfortable and full of everyday joy.documentary home photography columbusdocumentary home photography columbusJulie’s always got their backs. And I believe that this will ALWAYS be true – forever, no matter what.documentary home photography columbusThis last picture is my absolute favorite. Julie picked it for the cover of her album, because she is wonderful. Kids just happened to be sitting there in height order like that, and when we moved something out of the way, we found a dead mouse. Awesome! I mean, poor mouse, but AWESOME!documentary home photography columbusJulie and family, I am so, so happy that you won our contest! It was a pleasure getting to know you all and documenting a little slice of your life and love!

I love having a documentary home photography session!  It is so awesome to see families enjoying their everyday goodness.  If you’d like to document your family’s memories, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Come join us for some heart-shaped sunglasses fun! I would love to have you join our community of laughers and criers, lovers and givers!
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