lighting each other up with laughter: a dayton ohio wedding at coco’s

I feel very lucky to photograph weddings for so many reasons.  But one of the big ones is this: there is so much we can learn from love.  Seeing how my couples love one another is amazing, and definitely not something I take for granted.  dayton ohio wedding As Jesse got ready with his “groomspeeps,” as they were affectionately dubbed, there was laughter and there was lots of fun for sure.dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding And as Ashlie got ready, with her mom and sister and friends all close by (I love the way her mama is looking at her in this next one!), dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding …there was also lots of laughing.  Especially as they celebrated the little victories, like buttoning Ashlie’s dress and getting her veil in just right.dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding But every time these two were together that day – oh!  The laughing!  When they saw one another for the first time, they LIT UP.dayton ohio wedding Ok, fine, so there was crying too.  But it was the crying that comes with the laughing and the love and says: “Holy smokes, we’re here!  It’s our day!  I love you so much I can hardly even stand it!!!”dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio weddingdayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding Surrounded by lots of love, these two.dayton ohio wedding They were married by their good friend, in front of a backdrop of green and green and just a few leaves beginning to let in the autumn.  dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio weddingdayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio weddingThere was laughing again as they said their vows.dayton ohio wedding

And they could hardly take their eyes off one another.  Not in that googly-eyed way, but in that way that showed they were so happy to be there together, experiencing this together. dayton ohio weddingSo maybe, just maybe, Jesse gets a bit of that glorious laughing from his mom.dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding

As we had a few drinks back at 16-bit bar and arcade for their engagement session a few months ago, I remember being struck by how they laugh together.  When they see each other, they giggle, then as their time together goes on, those giggles turn into full-on, wide-open LAUGHS!  They make each other SO happy.  It’s awesome to see the transformation that happens when they are together.
dayton ohio weddingJesse’s suit was custom made, and even just showing Ashlie the purple lining made them both crack up.
dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio weddingdayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding dayton ohio wedding
And so here’s the thing to be learned from this love: All that laughing makes perfect sense.  Because when you’re really, truly in some super love, life just feels more fun!  I know that they are there for one another during the rough patches, too – that they help hold each other up.  But the way that they laugh during the good parts is outta sight!

Ashlie and Jesse, you two really do light each other up!  Love to see you starting your marriage with such joy.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.  And thank you for reminding me that love and laughter go hand in hand.  I’ve been taking every opportunity lately to laugh with my man, and it’s been awesome!

If you are newly engaged (or know someone who is), and would like to chat about me photographing your love and laughter, I’d love to hear from you!  Let’s start up a conversation here!

Venue/Catering – Coco’s Bistro (the people here were wonderful, even clearing away tables to remove clutter from the background in the name of pictures!)

Cake – Ele Cake

Dress – Watters Bridal

Shoes – Kate Spade

Flowers – The Flower Shoppe

Makeup – Jilian Mason, Arc Artistry

Hair – Square One Salon

Suit – Renaissance

Cufflinks – CuFFactory

Music – Chic Violinista

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  1. Such beautiful, pure emotion captured when they get that first look! I love it!

  2. I love these, very real, beautiful, and authentic

  3. I love how you captured this wedding, absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Lovely wedding! Loved the shot of her through the window, so cool!!

  5. portraitsbycynthi

    Loved every photograph! From the first to the last–excellent story telling too! Beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous wedding! Love that cuff

  7. Aww, this is lovely. You did a great job capturing the emotions of the day…I love that there was so much joy and laughter. great job Sarah

  8. John Moses

    This is such a memorable expression of love shown here in these beautiful wedding pictures. There is nothing more captivating than seeing two people who are genuinely in love, and who solidify their love by getting married. Great job capturing this lovely union of two hearts!

    • john, thank you so much. your words and sentiment are very much appreciated! you are so right that there is nothing more captivating than love – and these two surely have it, right? thank you.

  9. All of these just bring me right back to that day. I can’t thank you enough, Sarah!

  10. I adore all of the laughter captured in these images – such joy everywhere!! Loved looking through these photos and admiring your crisp, vibrant style. Beautiful work, Sarah!

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