sprinkler magic

This little one is about to be a big sister any day now.  She is so excited for it, and anyone who knows her knows she will be incredible at this new role.  Yes, she will!

But this night.  This night was about her.  Soon she won’t be the only one basking in mom and dad’s love.  There will be another little voice that fills up their home, another little face that they all will smile upon, another set of toes to tickle.columbus ohio family photographyBut for tonight, there was twirling with mom…columbus ohio family photography …being thrown on the pillows by dad…columbus ohio family photography …practicing being a big sister walking her baby doll around the neighborhood…columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography …giving mommy kisses while on dada’s shoulders…columbus ohio family photography  …and running through the sprinkler, full force, with nothing but pure joy.columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photographyEvery time I look at these pictures, I tear up.  I can’t help but think of my own daughter and how she was right around this same age when her little sister came into her life.  I can feel the change coming for this little one, and what an incredible thing that will be for her.  To have a sister.  What a gift!  columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography I love knowing that they had this beautiful night together – that mommy and dada jumped in the sprinkler with her without hesitation, that there was such joy everywhere.  And that they have these pictures to remember it all.  columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photography It’s magic, really.columbus ohio family photography columbus ohio family photographyAnd so very, very beautiful.  I am grateful that this family exists – wrapping each other up with love and joy.  And so excited for this little one to meet baby sister soon!

If you want to document the way your family plays, let me know here!  I’d love to hear from you!!!  For more play in the every day, check out this sweet session at home.

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  1. I adore these photos! She is just the sweetest thing! I also love how these photos are focusing not just on the new baby but the amazing soon to be big sister!

  2. I love it. What a great way to end the summer!

  3. So much spirit and joy in these images. Beautiful work Sarah!

  4. So adorable!! Loved all the photos, great job!

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