adventures with snowballs and meatballs: a canal winchester engagement session

columbus ohio engagement photographer“Yep, it’s the Bosco show.”

As we looked through their images, this is what Tricia said about her pup’s appearance in their engagement pictures.  It’s hard not to let him steal the show, but thankfully Tricia and Anthony’s love and friendship shines on through here.  We met up in downtown Canal Winchester, where they spend a good amount of time and hope to someday live.  We walked around downtown and threw snowballs in the park.columbus ohio engagement photographer columbus ohio engagement photographer columbus ohio engagement photographer columbus ohio engagement photographer columbus ohio engagement photographer After some fun in the snow, sweet Bosco was literally shivering, so they wrapped him up in Tricia’s scarf and gave him some snuggles.  columbus ohio engagement photographer columbus ohio engagement photographer columbus ohio engagement photographer Then it was back home to warm up!  When we first met, I asked them what they love to do together.  Anthony mentioned loving to cook, and Tricia claimed her talent was watching him cook:)  columbus ohio engagement photographer So after the park, we headed back to their place where Anthony had spent a good portion of the day prepping for what looked like an amazing lasagna (like, seriously amazing – I was on the verge of throwing out my vegetarian principles just to have a bite of this thing).columbus ohio engagement photographer There was some good belly laughing, and I loved getting to hear some stories of family recipes.columbus ohio engagement photographer Anthony is one hell of a chef, and Tricia has truly found her calling in watching him cook and being taste-tester!columbus ohio engagement photographer columbus ohio engagement photographerSuch a fun day!  I am so excited for their wedding this summer!  Loved getting to see a little slice of what their life is like.  And I can hardly wait to put their engagement guest album together!

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  1. Such a great session… I love it!! Their puppy is so dang cute and loved so many of the snowy photos but I also really love the last one you posted. Great, great job!!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the mix of posed and lifestyle shots. Great job!

  3. Love these! I love how you did some posed and some lifestyle. Your photography style is really pretty. The rind shot is really cool! Congratulations to the couple!

  4. OMG! They have the most adorable puppy!!! Nice work! 🙂

  5. We had the best time! I am so happy you will be photographing our wedding.

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