adventures in walking the dog and chasing the sun

We started off at the home they’ll be living in once they’re married, some wine and beer and laughs on the porch.  I love thinking of all the new memories they’ll make in this home!  columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photographycolumbus ohio engagement photography Then we brought Lou out for a quick walk in their soon-to-be neighborhood.columbus ohio engagement photography We headed over to the Park of Roses and played in the lamplight.columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photography Then, just as we were headed to the gardens, the sun went behind a thick layer of clouds.  We got one quick sunset shot before it disappeared too soon.  columbus ohio engagement photography So, so happy to be working with you two!  Love to see the respect you show each other and the comfortable way you love and laugh together!

Come join us for some heart-shaped sunglasses fun! I would love to have you join our community of laughers and criers, lovers and givers!
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  1. I love how relaxed and natural these are, like getting a glimpse into their lovely life together, and those lamplight shots are perfect. x

  2. You did a great job! These are super cute!!

  3. Such a genuine and natural feel to this session..Plus the images are beautiful!

  4. I really like your lifestyle approach to portrait photography – it seems a lot more natural and relaxed and i much prefer it to pose after pose. this tells a great story of love and friendship and love that you ended with a silhouette at dusk. great work Sarah 🙂

  5. Love those lamplight shots!! I’ve always thought about toying with the ambient light given by street light!! You did a fantastic job!! Also love the excitement on their faces as they stroll through what will soon be their home. Gives me the chills!!

  6. Love the black and white photos. So dramatic

  7. this is a beautiful session, i love the silhouette shot. Great work 🙂

  8. Loving how they incorporated their pooch into this shoot =) Lovely work =)

  9. Your use of light is impeccable!! I love everything about this session! Fantastic work!

  10. OH! I LOVe the BW’s the best! Great job!

  11. I am in love with your black and white shots! LOVE!

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