adventures in remembering the old neighborhood

“Remember that one time we jumped the fence and spent a couple of hours back at this playground?”

When we were brainstorming ideas for Theresa and Jess’s engagement session, they mentioned a neighborhood in which they used to live back before kids.  When I asked for an address so I could go scope out the location, they gave me THREE addresses, all within about a block or so of one another!  Some good memories in this neighborhood.

We grabbed some coffee at their favorite nearby spot, then went for a walk through the neighborhood.  columbus ohio engagement photography For this one at the playground, their old house is right behind them.  I look at this and I can hear the knee-slapping laughing:)columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photography As we walked by each house, they shared some memory that took place within it’s walls. columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photographyIt was a beautiful thing.columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photography columbus ohio engagement photography Then we headed back to the playground and had a stick fight with their boys. columbus ohio engagement photography So happy to have snagged a quick family image, too.  This family is so full of love and imagination.  Makes me happy to just be with them.columbus ohio engagement photographyTheresa and Jess, I am so crazy excited for your wedding!!!  You guys, they are doing their day so great – renting out a big camp so everyone can come play for the whole weekend.  A lovely, woodsy wedding with two amazing gals.

Come join us for some heart-shaped sunglasses fun! I would love to have you join our community of laughers and criers, lovers and givers!
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  1. Adorable family!

  2. Victoria

    Awww…. they are so cute!

  3. Love the last photo!

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