our summer bucket list: a summer of adventure!

*climb a glacier

*night kayak in glowing water 

*walk along the great wall of china

*take trapeze class

Having a bucket list is awesome.  And crossing things off your bucket list is even awesomer.  (I’ve decided at this point in my life to embrace my over-use of the word ‘awesome’ – I’ll be using it shamelessly from here on out)

I’ve always thought about a bucket list in the grand scheme of things.  As in, someday, at some point in my life I’ll try to do these things.

But what if we put a time limit on it?  Challenged ourselves to cross some things off that list?  I’m in.  I love this idea from The Happy Family Movement: a summer bucket list.

So our whole family made one together.  We’re headed out west this summer, so we made our list to reflect fun things near home that we can do as a family when we’re back from our trip.

Here’s our list:

throw a pot (like, create one, on a potter’s wheel)

parkour class

play in the sprinkler

go to a drive-in

see all the girls’ aunts and uncles

hang out on a boat

have a bike wash

start a neighborhood parade (Goff family style)

go bowling

make cookies

So, yeah, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro didn’t make the list.  But this is a list of fun things that I know we can do when the excitement of summer is wearing off.  We hope to cross everything off our summer list!  And even if we don’t, we’ll have fun trying:)  columbus ohio family photographerI challenge you to join us!  If you’d like some inspiration, head on over to Happy Family Movement and sign on to join the summer bucket list community!

Here’s to the adventure of summer!!!

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  1. Love this! I have a summer bucket list too. I still have to cross the drive-in off of mine!

  2. hmmm…. you have me thinking of making a list!

  3. haha so awesome… i need to do this as well

    ~Hendrick Moy Photography

  4. I love the idea of a bucket list (and so need to get around to doing one, so I have a good reason to do more fun stuff!)

  5. What a fun summertime idea!

  6. Love this! Great photo.

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