climbing, rocks in the river, and big wheels

These two.  This girl with the hair and this boy with the suitcase…  I could have photographed these two all day long.  Seriously.  LOVE their action…

the wild stunts on the swings and rings… sarah gee photography 1 the climbing…columbus ohio family photographer how her feet never touched the ground in any of these shots as she skipped off to the park…sarah gee photography 5 how he played hide-and-seek with me…columbus ohio family photographer columbus ohio family photographer columbus ohio family photographer columbus ohio family photographer the swinging teamwork…columbus ohio family photographer the mid-air tickles…columbus ohio family photographer this awesomeness…sarah gee photography-6745 columbus ohio family photographer the throwing of stones into the river, at the same place they always do…columbus ohio family photographer columbus ohio family photographer this excitement…sarah gee photography 6 this really quick quiet moment…sarah gee photography-6844 sarah gee photography 2 this moment of connecting…columbus ohio family photographer the laughing and the spinning…sarah gee photography 4 and the laughing…sarah gee photography-6727 and the spinning…sarah gee photography 3 this amazing stunt…columbus ohio family photographer and this super-tough big-wheelin’.sarah gee photography-7016 sarah gee photography-7020Every minute was full of life!  The whole family was a joy to photograph, and I’m so thankful to have shared some time with them.  Their energy and love could fill up a room!

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  1. These are all so cute!! What a fun session!

  2. HAHA! Such fun!! So beautiful.

  3. Aww such fun shots of the kids. Great job 🙂

  4. Haha! I love the series of her skipping! that is so perfect! so much joy in that photo!

  5. Lifestyle, love it!

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