see, i told you.

Remember how, like 3 Mondays ago, I said I was going to try to blog about my crazy life every Monday?  Yeah.  In my defense, the next Monday was my husband’s Spring Break, and we took an impromptu trip to the Land of Cleve.  That’s right – Cleveland, Ohio.  And I must say, it was pretty awesome!  Pricelined a decent hotel for $48.  Went to the Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural History, and Aquarium for the girls.  And hit up two great places with good beer and pierogi for us grown ones.  Definite success.  And worth being a little late on the blog.

cleveland children's museum sarahgeephotographyfamily-388 sarahgeephotographyfamily-390 sarahgeephotographyfamily-403 sarahgeephotographyfamily-408 sarahgeephotographyfamily-413 sarahgeephotographyfamily-414 sarahgeephotographyfamily-421 sarahgeephotographyfamily-431 sarahgeephotographyfamily-435 sarahgeephotographyfamily-437 sarahgeephotographyfamily-443 sarahgeephotographyfamily-445 sarahgeephotographyfamily-448 sarahgeephotographyfamily-455 sarahgeephotographyfamily-467 1301980 1216987 411099Some milestones that happened on this trip: the car ride was not completely horrible, and I think now that Mina’s seen long neck dinosaur bones, her dinosaur phase might be over (tear).  Time to delve into this new super princess phase:)

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  1. Mina looks like she is having a religious experience looking at the dinosaurs!

  2. Mina looks like she is having a religious experience looking at the dinosaurs!

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