It’s kind of a toss-up for me.  Living in the Midwest, January and February can both be pretty boring.  The random big snow comes along and spices up things a little, if you’re into that kind of thing.  February is Black History Month, and while I can appreciate that, I feel like Black History is something that should not be boxed into one little month, but recognized year-round.  And then there’s, you know, President’s Day, I suppose…

But really, being at home with my kiddos during the day in the winter months after Christmas can make me want to bang my head against a wall.  Or curl up and read books with them in bed all day.  Bah ha ha ha!  Like they’d EVER go for that.

At any rate, my point in bringing this up is that even in those months, we can always find some magic.  Maybe the point of this time of year is to get us to imagine a little.

I’ve been sharing some images of my family over on my facebook page.  They’re just our everyday goings on.  But all the images I’ve put up so far have been from the month of January – arguably the most boring month.  And back in January, I had no idea I was going to write this post.  And so I guess my point is this: there’s magic all over the place, all the time.  I think that noticing it and photographing it makes me a happier person.  On days when I’m asking my stir crazy girls for the 10 gazillionth time to sit in their chairs the right way and finish their lunches, it’s harder to notice this magic.  But then, all of a sudden, one will bust out with the most ridiculous knock-knock joke I’ve ever heard or the other will do her “happy dance” which she knows will crack me up every single time.  And then it’s there again – the every day magic.  Right smack in the middle of the most boring month.

Here’s some of the images I shared earlier, along with some new ones – all from January.

My nephew dog loves to eat snowballs, catching them in mid-air.

My nephew dog loves to eat snowballs, catching them in mid-air.

I believe this to be my daughter's first snow angel

I believe this to be my daughter’s first snow angel




Loving "Hello"

Walking home with her new Build-a-bear from Uncle M

Walking home with her first Build-a-bear from Uncle M

Build-a-bear love from Uncle M!

Build-a-bear love from Uncle M!

Favorite place to play


The dancing princesses


The wonder of snow


Her favorite part of snow?  Eating it.


Chinese New Year haircut from the comfort of a tricycle

Chinese New Year haircut from the comfort of a tricycle

Our beautiful everyday

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